Aeropac Launch Radio Tracking

Do you plan to use any special frequencies?
Please add your name to the frequency sign-up sheet for the next launch.
If you are attending and using tracking radios, GPS or other electronic or RF emitting devise make sure you on the list.

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History for those inquiring minds - a note from Charlie Wittman about monitoring launch frequencies.

I am the keeper of the list for now as I originally brought the issue to Aeropac due to problems experienced at Dairy Air, TCC this year.

I was testing the recovery gps for the 99k project which will fly at Aeronaut or XPRS and the GPS Flight unit I was using all of a sudden lost tracking and I saw a NEMA devise on my map on the laptop. I reset the system and got mine back in the SWARM protocol and it then changed back to another NEMA location.

I walked over to see who had a unit on and it was James Doughtery and his ARTS2 gps. A GPS Flight unit can track 10 SWARM units per channel but only one NEMA. That is when I realized we has a problem is someone fired up their ARTS unit when I was tracking 99k.

Richard Hagen then suggested and started a list of the frequencies and channels of all tracking as the BigRedBees on the same ham channel with no slotting would have the same problem in ham 70 cm ot 2 meter bands. Richard started circulating the email about the frequency list and then Eric put it on Google docs.

I volunteered to carry on the list for the future. Very important if you want to find your rocket.

Walston Frequencies

Thanks to Pius Morozumi the club has a Walston receiver for tracking rockets.

Transmitters are tiny and must match the frequencies that the received uses. If you want to order a transmitter, the AeroPac frequencies are;

Walston sells two transmitters: Walston is in Georgia, (Calif. time +3 hours) (770) 434-4905 or (800) 657-4672