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G-Wiz - FlightView version 2.10 application for Windows XP  to Windows 7. 



COMPOSITE SUPPLIERS (from John Coker's seminar)

http://www.fibreglast.com/ - FibreGlast is a hobby-oriented composites company. They have a complete line of epoxy products as well as reinforcements and tools and materials for vacuum bagging and mold-making.

http://www.aircraftspruce.com/ - Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Supply is targeted to the home-build aircraft hobby. They sell lots of useful stuff, particularly the Teflon-coated release fabric that I prefer for layups with simple curvature.

 http://www.intothewind.com/  - Into the Wind makes kite kits and parts. In particular, they have a wide variety of fiberglass and carbon fiber rod for use as kite spars. This is where I got the C.F. rod used in the leading and trailing edges of the composite fins.

http://www.qualityvak.com/ - Quality Vakuum Products makes the veneer laminating system that I use for vacuum bagging. They sell venturi as well as vacuum pump systems and bags in several sizes.

http://www.cstsales.com/ - CST The Composites Store sells lots of useful materials. I bought my Rohacell foam core from them as well as other parts.

http://www.acp-composites.com/ - Aerospace Composite Products