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Sign up for launch duty to make sure our launches run smoothly.

We cannot launch rockets without people to run the launch itself so please help out!

If you're not sure what you can do, see the job descriptions for more info.

Use the links below to see who's currently signed up for range duty:

  Mudrock   June   
Aeronaut   Aug   
XPRS   September

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Launches:  Mudrock Aeronaut XPRS

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The Jobs

The RSO (Range Safety Officer) is responsible for checking that the rocket is flight worthy and proper construction techniques have been used and a proper motor has been selected. Note that with the new Tripoli insurance regulations, the RSO must be much more careful to verify that all Tripoli safety rules have been followed. You must be at least a certified level 2 flier under Tripoli (ONLY) to be an RSO.

The LCO (Launch Control Officer) is responsible for checking that the range is clear, the sky is clear, pressing the launch button and making sure the rocket is safely recovered. If you like making announcements, this is the job for you. (You also need to be able to make the most out of illegible scrawl on flight cards.) You must be a certified Level 1, 2 or 3 flier under Tripoli or NAR to be an LCO.

The Pad Manager is responsible for making sure that fliers know where their assigned pad is and that the right equipment is available. The pad manager wears an orange vest and is always out in the pad area when the range is open. You must be a certified Level 1, 2 or 3 flier under Tripoli to be a Pad Manager. If you want to help out, but have no experience with range duty, pad manager is a great place to start.

The PortaPotty Hauler brings our desert restrooms out from Sparks to Black Rock and back. You don't need to even be a TRA member to haul a PortaPotty. You can sign up for one or both ways. Each way pays you $100! (dude, that's like a  half tank of GAS!!)

SO if you want to be a Potty animal you'll need a vehicle capable of hauling (a compact Pickup can handle it) with a 2" ball.

Tail Light hook-up compatibility not an issue. Sani-Hut will hook them up if they match, but if your wiring does not match they'll just pat you on the bumper and let you go. This is ok as long as your tail lights are visible from behind the trailer (as they are in nearly all cases.)

Make sure to tell the Sani-Hut folks you are there for AeroPAC - NOTE: if you are the last one picking up,  they'll give you a receipt to bring out to the registration desk at the launch.

Google Map of the location

Sani-Hut Address:
Sani-Hut Company, Inc.
1325 E. Greg St.
Sparks, NV 89431

(775) 358-6720
(800) 552-0557
In Carson City: (775) 882-7973
In So. Lake Tahoe: (775) 542-1166

M~F:7:00am 5pm
Sat, Sun closed
Do not return when closed.

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