Getting to the Black Rock

Black Rock is a "dry" lake about 100 miles north of Reno Nevada. It's very empty country, just about the only town nearby is the town of Gerlach.

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From Reno:
Take Interstate 80 East from Reno, about 30 miles from Reno take the Wadsworth/Pryamid Lake exit #43. (The last cheap gas is available at the I80 truck stop at this exit.) Take highway 447 north about 75 miles to Gerlach. As you approach the town of Nixon don't take the Pyramid lake exit, instead drive through Nixon and continue north to Gerlach. About 5 miles before you get to Gerlach you will pass through the company town of Empire. (The store by the road here is the only thing locally that can be considered a supermarket. Stop on your way through to buy ice and anything else you forgot.)

Be careful About your SPEED when going through all these little towns - they are notorious speed traps. If in doubt of what the speed limit is, just slow down. If you can see homes and buildings near the road then you're most likely in a slower speed zone.

From California:
Take I80 East from the Bay Area through Sacramento to Reno, follow the directions above. Some people from the north (or Oregon) take CA 299 from Alturas to NV 447 to Gerlach.

From Utah and states east:
Take I80 West through Winnemucca and then take the Wadsworth exit, take 447 north (see above).

From the Reno Airport:
Take 395 north to Reno then I80 East.


Finding the Launch Site

The directions below assume you first get to Gerlach NV, USA.

Black Rock roads map

(A) *Gerlach NV - 40 39.127'N 119 21.363'W

Use Google maps of other navigation to get here first. After this use NV country road 34 to get to the 12 mile Playa entrance.

(B) *12 MI Entrance - 40 46.334'N 119 15.756'W

This is the best entrance to use to get to the site. Drive straight in and to the NE. There is a bumpy intersection that goes to the Burning Man site, do NOT turn right! The road will go about 1 mile in and start a gentle bend to the NNE. This takes us to the next waypoint 1.4mi in.

(C) *West Road Bend - 40 47.108'N 119 14.524'W

This is the center of the bend more to the NNE. After this it will straighten out and you drive up to the next point 3.5 mi NE.

(D) *Turn East to launch site - 40 49.572'N 119 12.167'W

*This is supposed to be at the location where the double pylon marker is in the road, and the tire. At this point we drive about to the NE 4.4 miles directly to the Aeropac location.

(E) *Aeropac Launch Site - 40  52.241'N 119  6.417'W

When you get out there we should be at least close to this point depending on the local playa conditions. We will be within easy eyesight.

This information up on the Fruity Chutes website making it easy to read on your portable devices here: DIRECTIONS

Here is a KML file for Google Earth or your portable device.