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AeroPac Officers
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  • President / Prefect  - Jim Green
  • Vice President - Erica Bradley
  • Corporate Counsel - William Kellermann
  • Secretary - William Kellermann
  • Chief Financial Officer  - Eric Kleinschmidt
  • FAA Liaison Officer - Jim Green
  • Education Director - Ken Biba
  • ARLISS Coordinator - Becky Green
  • Social Outreach Director - Peter Clay
  • XPRS Contest Director - Darryl Paris
  • Launch Director - Gene Engelgau
  • Assistant Launch Director - You? (position currently open)
  • Equipment Manager - Peter Clay
  • Webmaster General - Jamie Clay
  • Webmaster Colonel - Patrick Wagner
  • Membership - Don Duncan
  • AeroPac Newsletter - Jonathan DuBose


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NAR L3  Certification Committee member  - David Riamondi

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AeroPac Board of Directors
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